Test a feature before you code it!

A/B test designs and prototypes.


An easy way to collaborate with customers or teammates on a prototype

Turn designs into a prototype

Use Validately to turn designs or wireframes into a clickable prototype. If the feature is already built, add our snippet of javascript to record a user's on-screen interactions - no browser plugins required!

Record live web sites or wireframe mockups!

Recruit testers

Don't have anyone to review your new feature? Recruit them using our in-product recruiting tool. Already, have testers (or teammates)? Then send them the prototype via email

Watch the reviewers try it & ask questions

Validately records the onscreen interactions of a tester on pre-built prototypes or live web pages. You can ask reviewers questions or follow up after you watch their usage

Keep track of feedback & version history

Validately keeps all feedback segmented by reviewer and stored by feature


"Validately is changing the culture of our company and how we work. Using Validately makes us more transparent. Everyone on our team knows what's going on with our product. It allows us to validate feedback with our team and customers and makes organizing that feedback more transparent."
Jeff Douglas
"Validately is helping me quickly gather stakeholder feedback and easily scale. The ability to incorporate web pages and wireframes seamlessly in a survey, while recording users actions on those pages is a huge improvement over our other survey tools! It is a huge timesaver!"
Meytal Markman
"Validately makes it easy and frictionless - free to get customer responses to designs and ideas, so I can iterate - and learn - much faster. Validately is going to help me and other product managers get better products to market faster."
Nils Davies Ph.D.
Validately provides a remarkably simple way to segment and sort our previously unwieldy product backlog and to capture new ideas and suggestions. The flexible nature of the results tab makes it easy to find quick-win features and to circulate those ideas to partners and stakeholders for feedback.
Joel Withrow